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Susan Rivieccio

About Susan Rivieccio

I have always loved figuring out what makes people tick. I just imagine an onion and peeling back all the different layers until you get to the core of what the essence is. I am and have always been very patient. Life has shown me the answers will come when they are ready to.

I am calm and collected in emergency situations. When things and situations are chaotic, someone has to be calm in the moment and that someone is me.

I have always loved books and reading and a dog is a must in my life. Over the years, I have explored my passion to discover more about others and the world around me through travel, art, literature, fashion and food.

I believe all the answers are within us. It would be my honor to help you find the wisdom within you. My non-judgmental and open nature made it safe for others to share.

I can help you learn how to trust again, feel your emotions, accept your past, live in the present and look forward to what your future holds.

Susan Rivieccio

Depression & Anxiety

Depression can often feel like a dark, forbidding cloud that can zap your energy, rob you of being able to feel any emotion and take away any pleasure in things you used to enjoy.

Anxiety is a future oriented sense of worry attached to “what ifs.” It is not something that has actually happened.

Trauma & PTSD

You may not even know you have been traumatized. You just grow up thinking what went on in your own family was the same thing other families were going through. It is your “normal”.

Sexual Assault Counseling for Those Abused

The reality is you can’t out run, self-harm, numb or dissociate yourself out of what has happened. But you already know that because you more than likely tried one or all of these.

Grief & Loss

Loss can be many things, from losing a loved one to a lost opportunity to grieving a piece of ourselves that no longer exists.

Life Transitions

Let’s talk through the transition you are going through and what the struggles are. I can listen to what you are saying with an empathetic ear, giving you a safe place for you to air your problems and provide you the help you need.


Telehealth is very effective for many mental health challenges and not appropriate for others, such as someone who is experiencing visual or audio hallucinations, having thoughts of suicide or self-harm and thinking about acting on those.

Relationship Repair Counseling (without your partner)

Relations get to the point of being on life support because each person is stuck at the point they were wounded as a child. The way to a better relationship is doing your own work and untangling your childhood wounds.

Career/Life Balance

Are you cheating on yourself with your career? If work is your #1 priority and you need your daily fix or you go into withdrawal, then you probably are.


If if felt like no one could see or hear you in your family growing up, I can help you learn how to give yourself what you did not get.

I was raised by a narcissist parent and chose another narcissist as a partner.  It nearly broke me.
In therapy with Susan RIvieccio, LMFT, I finally felt seen and heard.  And that was a foundation I could build from.

Adult Female client

I had so many "dirty secrets" and all the shame attached to those.  Finding a therapist who helped me understand the shame was not mine to bear, was the beginning of seeing daylight for what my life could be.  I recommend Susan Rivieccio, LMFT for anyone who also is carrying shame and wants to learn how to kick it to the curb.

Adult Male client

I just wanted people to like me.  I lost myself along the way and in order to get myself back, Susan RIvieccio, LMFT helped me see I needed to grieve the "me" I gave away to be liked before I could go and find myself.

Teenage client

We reached a point where we couldn't all be in the same room as a family.  Power struggles, silent treatment and retreating to different corners of the house were our "go to" ways of coping.  Family therapy with Susan Rivieccio, LMFT was game changing.  We learned that we weren't "bad"people, we were just reacting from our own pain points.

Family client