How Life Transitions Counseling Can Help
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How Life Transitions Counseling Can Help

How Life Transitions Counseling Can Help

Life is all about change. How you transition from one point in your life to another can be harder than you realized. Whether it’s the introduction of kids in the house or the loss of a spouse, it can be difficult to figure out how to move forward.

Let’s talk about the transitions that you’re going through and what the struggles are. By having a empathetic ear, it can be safe for you to air your problems. From there, you’re one step closer to getting the relief that you need.

Let me help you through these obstacles. We can talk individually, with a partner, or even with the entire family.

Over the course of our lifetime there is one certainty, change will happen. These changes/transitions can bring up feelings and emotions that are familiar and/or new. Certain changes that you have worked for or dreamt about, such as entering school, realizing your dream career, finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with or starting a family of your own, can be stressful, but exciting. Other major life transitions, such as moving, retirement, serious/chronic illness, entering an “empty-nest” phase of life can sometimes cause a significant amount of stress and difficulty in coping. But even unexpected, unwanted changes can still produce some positive effects: personal growth, making clear what is important to you, and if dealt with successfully can leave you stronger and feeling empowered.

I can provide you a safe container to express your feelings around the change/transition, help you identify/create a support system and explore your beliefs around the change/transition.

Give me a call or contact me for a FREE 15 minute consultation to see if I am a good fit for what you are going through.