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Move Forward with Grief and Loss Counseling

Move Forward with Grief & Loss Counseling

Giving yourself the gift of time and space to grieve, is a good starting point to eventually move through to a place of honoring what has been lost and give it a place of rest in your heart, mind and body. Feelings of grief and loss come from different places in our life … from losing a part of you or your identity, to opportunities you had a lot of emotional investment in that did not become a reality.

There are two main styles of grieving, instrumental grieving, expressed as controlling or minimizing your emotional expressions and intuitive grieving, where you express your grief in heightened emotional ways such as sharing feelings, exploring the lost relationship and considering your own mortality.

The stages of grief you experience can include: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. In treatment we can work together to help you to accept the reality of the loss, to work through the pain of grief and to adjust to life without the lost person/situation/object.

I can help you find your place of restoration via adapting to your new role, managing changes in your routine, developing new ways of connecting with your family and friends and cultivating a new way of life that includes self-care, recreation and social support.

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